Business Intelligence

Drive your Business Forward

Every organization collects data, but most lack the technical tools or objective insights to extract actionable and measurable value. enkompas’ new cloud-based Business Intelligence (BI) offering powered by Microsoft® Power BI combines BI technology with organizational development consulting services to help organizations create a clear and balanced picture of what’s working, what’s not, and why, to drive business forward.

Leveraging BI technology to make highly-informed decisions begins by identifying Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) -- or key metrics used to measure the overall health of your organizational performance. Leading organizations who have KPIs in place and understand what can be done to improve them are well positioned both operationally and financially. Author and business management icon Peter Drucker said it best, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.”  

Business Intelligence Benefits

Tracking KPIs, transforming data into actionable knowledge, and reporting on what it all means in the cloud strengthens the health of an entire organization by:

  • Identifying areas that need improvement and provide insight to create change

  • Measuring time, effort and success rates of programs and processes

  • Monitoring progress and performance from every angle to “see” the big picture

  • Predicting outcomes and identifying trends to make well-informed decisions

  • Running operations at maximum efficiency

  • Decreasing costs and increasing growth

  • Establishing transparency and accountability across the entire organization

  • Accessing and sharing real-time insights into organizational data quickly and securely

Results-Focused BI Strategy

With decades of BI expertise and insights, enkompas offers a results-focused program to help organizations put – and keep – KPIs in place, as well as measure their progress to drive business forward.


Phase I: Strategy Builder  

  • Review Internal/External Landscape

  • Align Vital Few Objectives (VFO)

  • Identify & Eliminate Off-Strategy Activities


Phase II: Plan Builder

  • Create a Plan with Commitments, KPIs, Targets, Costs & Risks

  • Align People, Processes, Technologies & Processes to Accelerate VFOs

  • Address Horizontal Alignment


Phase III: Message Builder

  • Equip Leadership with Messaging/Presentations for Stakeholders

  • Engage the Entire Organization to Execute Strategy

  • Gain Enterprise-Wide Buy-In


Phase IV: VFO Implementor

  • Keep the Plan Moving Forward

  • Align Activities with the Strategy

  • Catch Issues and Plan Momentum Reviews

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