Client Referral Program

Clients like you work with us because they are frustrated over the ever evolving and high cost of unplanned IT expenses or are challenged by the complexities of the current IT compliance regulations with regard to Cyber Security and issues like credit card payments, or are concerned about their ability to increase their profits while dealing with the impact of sustaining an IT budget. Many SMB Sized Organizations do not even have a formalized IT Budget…we can help!  While we don’t know if those are the exact concerns, it seems like everyone we’re talking to these days has the same issues.

This is where you can help by making a referral.

How do Referrals work?

Our process is simple.  During a short consultation, one of our experts will ask a few questions, have an informative conversation with the person you refer, and by the end they will arrive at either one of two possibilities:

  1. Either party may decide that we are not a good fit at this time or

  2. We uncover issues that merits further discussion. 


When we uncover an issue that merits further discussion, an appointment is setup at their location so our expert can walk through the business issue and associated technology onsite to learn more about the concerns and highest business and  technology priorities troubling the organization.


If you are an Influencer in Pittsburgh and you know someone who could benefit from this conversation with one of our experts, please make an introduction by emailing our Chief Operating Officer Morgan Adamson or filling out the form below.  You can help organizations in your network save a lot of time, money and frustration.  You will also receive a referral bonus for making the introduction to a new client.


What kind of organizations does enkompas support?

The list below is an example of, but not limited to, organizations that enkompas already supports.

Here at enkompas we service a wide array of industries and verticals.  What is most important is the ability to work with our clients on a strategic level.  Our model is mature and must be engaged by both client and enkompas and when that happens we see consistent and successful outcomes for a long period of  time. 

The average years of relationship is close to 8 years across our clients.  We hope to leverage those successes into referrals to others that will benefit from the breadth and depth of our offerings and relationships.

Please consider making a referral based on our mode below.

  • Non-Profit – Fee for Service – MH/MR, Family Services

  • Non-Profit – Urban Skill Development

  • Non-Profit – Animal Preservation and Support

  • Non-Profit – Community Support Services

  • Non-Profit – Entertainment – Broadway Shows and Musicals

  • Non-Profit – Organ Procurement and Family Services

  • Professional Services – Certified Public Accounting, Auditing,

  • Legal – Law firms specializing in Business Law and Litigation along with Real Estate

  • Energy Consulting Firms –

  • Construction – HVAC Specialists

  • Financial Investment – Benefits and Financial Planners

  • Professional Communication Firms

  • Credit Unions & Community Banking

  • Property Management Firms

  • Philanthropic Organizations

  • Marketing & Technology Firms

  • Professional Consulting firms

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