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Engagement Options  

EHR Implementation Planning, Project Management & Support  
Agency is beginning Implementation of a new EHR or Redesign of Existing EHR.  

Enkompas EHR Services Offered  

  • Enkompas EHR will function as a Project Manager that sits between the Agency and Vendor to ensure accountability and schedule management.   

  • Coordination with Vendor: EHR Vendor will provide an outline of the project. Enkompas EHR will work week to week with the Agency Team in small groups, for efficient time management, to develop the proper time use and not interfere with daily duties of Agency Staff.   

  • Enkompas EHR will provide weekly project updates via enkompas Project Management tools. 

  • Facilitate Agency Discussions around workflows, best practices, and efficient form design, ensuring efficient use of the limited Vendor Implementation Hours. 

    • Enkompas recommends these conversations begin before the implementation starts to ensure Agency is prepared with their internal decisions.  

    • Deliverable: Clear Visio diagram of workflow, processes, and documentation at each stage of services.   

  • Assist Agency with developing standard form sets for forms shared amongst programs, such as Release of Information, HIPAA notice, Social Media Releases, etc.  

  • Assist Agency with identifying internal leaders to serve as Superusers, helping to guide the build and strengthen buy-in during implementation.  

  • Lead the Agency build: Each vendor has homework for the Agency. enkompas EHR Staff can assist with building forms and other areas of the system during implementation.  

    • Leverage best practice knowledge of EHR systems to support agency workflow changes and implement Best Practices as defined by the Agency and Configured by the EHR Vendor.  

  • Unit Testing: enkompas will conduct initial testing at each phase of the project. This ensures the system is functioning as intended.  

  • UAT Testing: enkompas will facilitate testing amongst Agency staff to increase buy-in and ensure the system meets the needs of Agency Program staff.  

  • Role Based Training: enkompas will build the documents for training, ensuring Agency-specific procedures and policies are embedded in the training. This ensures Agency staff have one source of truth for how to use the EHR.  

  • End User Training: enkompas encourages a Train the Trainer model and will lead the effort to provide end-user training for Go-Live.  

  • Future Training: enkompas will assist with developing an ongoing Agency Onboarding training plan, ensuring that new staff receive proper training without remaining dependent upon enkompas.  

Ongoing Optimization Planning 

  • Advise and plan for how to upgrade the system regularly to keep up with the latest regulations and functionality.

Engagement Options 

Enkompas EHR recommends a Base Retainer Model to ensure alignment with the ebbs and flows of a system implementation.   

Minimum of 80 hours per month –  

Project Hours can be added based on phase of the project.   

Six Month Term with auto renew 60 days prior to expiration of any given term. 

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