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7 Questions Nonprofits Should Ask about Their IT Needs

The cost of technology for nonprofits may, at times, feel daunting. About 10 percent of nonprofits reported that they have no one on staff with official technology responsibilities, according to the Nonprofit Technology Staffing and Investments Report, May 2017 (NTEN).

Organizations prefer to focus on delivering their services without having to worry about cybersecurity or disaster recovery, but these are must haves for a nonprofit to operate efficiently and effectively.

It’s important to understand how important IT needs are. Ask these 7 questions to find out how well you’re doing and which areas you could focus on. How can we help fill any gaps?

  1. Is your fundraising program secure? If you don’t have streamlined tools for securely accepting donations, storing donor information and organizing the data, it’s hurting your ability to raise money. We have hosting services that could help provide you with a secured platform for your hardware and business application software. You need a better solution than spreadsheets.

  2. Is your equipment and software updated? If you have outdated or old software versions, your data is at risk. Cyber attacks search for vulnerabilities due to systems that haven’t been updated and patched. These updates are critical for your software to help you avoid the daunting threats of breaches, ransomware and malware. Our Helpdesk Services may help you out with this.

  3. Do you regularly review your cybersecurity plan? No matter the size of your nonprofit, no business is immune from cyber attacks. One of the biggest hurdles to a good cybersecurity plan is a limited budget. Unfortunately, the cost of lost data will be far higher than an estimated budget. We provide comprehensive security audits, full-time security monitoring and mobile device management with flexible options.

  4. Do I have reliable data backup and a disaster recovery plan? In the event of lost data, whether from cyber attacks, natural disasters, hardware failure or even human error, you need a backup and recovery plan. You can’t afford to take chances with critical information. We provide backup and disaster recovery services.

  5. Is the cost of IT staff straining your budget? Or you may fall into the above-mentioned group of nonprofits without an IT individual on staff. If that’s the case, our Kare4IT solution can provide the tech support you need. With our managed services solution, we can provide you with the luxury and support of a highly trained and certified IT department at a low monthly cost.

  6. Is technology part of your long-term strategic plan? Nonprofits that succeed with technology are those that include it in planning. Specifically, NTEN reported that leading nonprofits include tech in their plans at least occasionally, while struggling organizations do so only half the time.

  7. Does your phone system promote communication and productivity? If you’re using a clunky, on-premise business phone system, you could find a lot of value in moving to RingCentral. We are a proud partner and have found that this phone system in the cloud helps us to solve many of the communications challenges facing nonprofit organizations with multiple locations and team members out in the field.

You can afford to make technology work for you, not against you, no matter your budget. enkompas focuses on providing our clients with more than just IT support. We customize services to meet your various needs. Whatever level of IT partnership you’re looking for, we can co-develop it with you.

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