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BI Helps Human Services Providers Power through New Medicaid Regulations

As a health and human services provider, your organization collects an immense amount of critical data, from utilization and payments to incidents and performance. On any given day, it must all be managed accurately to ensure quality care and optimal performance. However, greater accountability measures being enacted by CMS and DHS across Human Services likely has you searching for a better way to collect, organize and understand your data for improved reporting.

Business Intelligence (BI) includes the technology, strategies and guidance used to analyze an organization’s data and turn it into meaningful and actionable information. BI analysis helps to create a clear and balanced picture of what’s working and what’s not, and why. Most organizations spend significant time to manually collect and report fragmented data. However, did you know it’s possible to create a holistic, automated view of your organization’s data, including financial, HR, Payroll, QMS and Ste EIM systems data?

Incident Management BI solutions can help you enhance data management, improve data integrity, improve data management efficiency and make better decisions. As CMS and DHS continue to transform the industry’s payment models, providers throughout Pennsylvania are tasked with more effort to remain compliant with reporting requirements.

When it comes to incident management, BI specifically can track, manage and improve your reporting and performance through metrics called Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs. These KPIs can be used to view volume and performance trends, monitor process timelines, review incident management outcomes and create data transparency to relevant areas of the organization.

Utilization & Occupancy

It’s imperative that Human Services providers have a clear picture of each consumer’s utilization and/or occupancy at all times. With a holistic BI platform, providers can review authorized, utilized and remaining units to:

  • Ensure there is no neglect of services

  • Manage appropriate services and payments

  • Properly manage organizational resources

A BI dashboard automates the understanding and management of service utilization so your organization can optimize revenue and compliance, quickly and easily.

BI Solutions Made for Human Services Organizations

As CMS and DHS continue to transform the health care system, Human Services providers must increase their focus on value, driven through improved cost and quality management. At enkompas, our BI solutions can help you meet the dynamic challenges of today’s changing Human Services Industry, and use your organization’s total data to drive results. Our team brings decades of technology and consulting experience and insights to help optimize your information management infrastructure and drive organizational performance improvement through tailored Business Intelligence solutions.

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