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enkompas BI Completes BI/Analytics Platform Implementation for Valley Community Services

Pittsburgh, PA (December 20, 2021) - enkompas BI, a business intelligence and data solution company for Human Services Organizations, has implemented its BI/Analytics Platform for new client Valley Community Services (VCS). The midsize provider of residential and community services for consumers with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) partnered with enkompas BI to transform its data into actionable information and generate a Decision Management platform for every level of its organization.

The partnership with enkompas BI enabled VCS to connect data from disparate applications, including Excel spreadsheets, to create a complete Decision Management platform featuring 13 different modules, including Finance, Productivity, Utilization, Incident Management, Residential Occupancy, Health Tracking, SIS/CSAS Management, Census/Demographics, Quality & Pay for Performance, Human Resources, EVV Tracking, Covid-19, and Executive Reporting.

“The enkompas BI/Analytics Platform has eliminated 90 percent of the manual efforts we once spent organizing, analyzing and reporting our data,” says G.N. Janes, Executive Director of Valley Community Services.

Implementation of the enkompas BI/Analytics platform was executed in four, 12-week stages providing an incremental ROI for VCS at each stage of deployment. This proven, budget-friendly methodology also enabled the organization to prioritize module deployment based on their immediate needs and complete implementation in 11 months.

“This platform positions us to be part of a data sharing community for comparative insights and was the best technology implementation I have ever experienced,” says Janes.

By solely focusing on Human Services Organizations, enkompas BI understands the industry and provides VCS with a valuable partnership that goes beyond technology. VCS benefits from enkompas BI’s best practices, trade association knowledge, comparative data, and lessons to leverage data in preparation for the industry-wide transition to Value Based Healthcare and Alternative Payment Methods (APMs).

About Valley Community Services

Valley Community Services (VCS) is headquartered in Mt. Pleasant, PA and provides services and support for people with intellectual disabilities in the Southwestern Pennsylvania Region. Services and support include, but are not limited to; Community Living Arrangements, Intermediate Care Facilities, Home & Community Habilitation, Behavioral Support Services, Adult Training Facilities, and Supported Employment Services. VCS was founded in 1976 and has continually been serving the region for 41 years. In 1978, the agency developed Pennsylvania's first community-based residential program, (CLA's) for children and adolescents with autism.

About enkompas BI

enkompas BI is a business intelligence and data solution company solely focused on the needs of Human Services Organizations. From eliminating data silos within the organization to automating manual efforts, the company’s BI/Analytics Platform solves complex data and information problems. The BI/Analytics platform features 13 modules to turn data into actionable information in the form of Interactive Dashboards, Detailed Reports and Advanced Analytics customized to serve each client and their C-Suite, Middle Management and Frontline Staff. For more information visit,

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Bob Hitson, Chief Growth Officer at enkompas BI

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