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How Human Services Providers Benefit from BI-Generated Utilization Reports

Utilization continues to be a hot topic among Human Services Providers in Pennsylvania. In addition to managing community programs, Providers are trying to manage how these programs can be executed effectively and within budget. This is one of the many reasons Human Services Providers are turning to Business Intelligence.

You see, it’s common for each program to gather and maintain individualized details and reports in multiple systems or spreadsheets. This practice makes uncovering utilization patterns and identifying problem-areas both manual and time-consuming. Plus, analyzing program data across different systems creates silos of information and limits transparency. A BI solution, on the other hand, will automatically consolidate all program data, generate a ‘big picture’ analysis, and transform it into a series of meaningful visuals or reports with actionable insights.

Analyzing service utilization with BI reports is a real game changer for Providers. When every dollar counts and margins are narrow, data visualization enables Human Services Providers to “see” how to optimize revenue and maintain compliance. Perhaps more importantly, it ensures they won’t leave any funding on the table.

A BI-generated utilization report also helps Providers be more proactive. With a couple clicks, Providers can access a complete analysis of program data and quickly identify committed services not being provided. Armed with fact-based data, Providers are equipped to prevent penalties and request additional funds or resources before it’s too late.

While the benefits of BI are proven to help Providers thrive and better serve their base, not all BI solutions are created equal. It’s important to identify a BI solution that is designed to analyze disparate systems across functional areas specific to Human Services, such as utilization and occupancy. The BI Decision Support System model by enkompas solely focuses on Human Services and includes 12 key areas, including:

  • Finance

  • Residential Occupancy

  • Cost Accounting

  • Health Tracking

  • Utilization

  • SIS/CSAS Management

  • Daily Operational Reporting

  • Demographics

  • Incident Management

  • Quality/P4P Reporting

  • Productivity

  • Workforce/HR Reporting

Click here to learn how your Human Services Agency can benefit from managing and analyzing service utilization with the enkompas BI Decision Support System.

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