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Why a BI Platform Can Be Key to Solving Your Biggest Pain Points

Does your organization rely on “Objective Truth” or “Subjective Truth” when looking to solve your biggest problems? Believe it or not, you can be better equipped to objectively understand, implement changes, and impact processes when you make Business Intelligence data accessible. Let’s look at one BIG problem everyone has…Staff Turnover!

If you’re wondering HOW this is possible when staff turnover can be linked to a host of reasons, including lack of engagement, recognition, positive culture, and even burnout, keep reading!

Organizational Culture

A report by Deloitte indicated that 72% of participants would quit their current job to work for a company with a more inclusive culture. Implementing a BI platform involves everyone from management to frontline staff and delivers on every employee’s desire for inclusion. Each team member becomes a contributor to new operational processes and improvements because they can see why and how their daily actions are affecting KPIs on interactive BI dashboards.

Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are 60% less likely to seek a new job according to a Gallup study. When BI dashboards reflect real-time data and reveal actionable insights, there are more reasons and opportunities to engage your team around trending data and reaching goals. Imagine the positive impacts surrounding engagement if the daily team huddle was driven by data and objective truth from frontline staff. Even better, BI dashboards save your employees from manually pulling and organizing reports, so they spend more time with individuals, easily see data trends, and suggest process improvements.

Recognition & Appreciation

According to a Bersin & Associates study, workplaces that are rich with employee recognition have a 31% lower voluntary turnover rate. It’s easy to call out top performers when operational data is organized into a single BI data warehouse. You can gain daily insights into top performers in any given category and be objective versus subjective with accolades. A “Top Performer” dashboard or “Weekly Leaders” memo are great ways to both automate and spotlight employees who are playing a key role in driving organizational success.

Mental Burn Out

Tedious, mind-numbing tasks take a toll. So, it’s not surprising that 95% of HR managers in the Kronos Report said burn out was affecting staff turnover. Guess what happens when a large agency implements a solution like enkompas BI, organizes its data, and eliminates 200+ man hours of manual data aggregation? The staff are happier and more satisfied because they can focus on serving individuals and improving programs. That’s a win for your organization, your employees, and your clients.

When you become a data-driven organization, a BI solution can impact processes that address some of your biggest problems. When you combine best practices surrounding data organization, transparency, and accessibility you are better equipped to address various situations and challenges, including improving costly staff turnover. ,

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