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You Don’t Have to Start Your BI Journey from Scratch

Did you stop pursuing the opportunities that come with a Business Intelligence solution because too many questions about developing a tool from scratch got in the way?

Well, today is your lucky day! You don’t have to start at ground zero to begin your Business Intelligence journey. enkompas BI is a proven solution that is already fully developed and utilized successfully by human services organizations.

enkompas BI is 100% ready to go because we only focus on human services organizations. We didn’t create this solution for any other industry. In fact, we took 35 years of healthcare experience and decades of IT knowledge to build out a highly-applicable and refined solution that revolves around your industry’s exclusive and very specific needs.

Everything you need to organize, manage, analyze and run data-driven reports surrounding incidents, utilization, and value-based purchasing (to name a few!) are done, tested, built and ready to use. You can immediately transform piles of data surrounding every program, client, and dollar spent into detailed reports that provide key stakeholders actionable insights to drive improvements.

Our sole focus on BI for human services providers means time to usage is shortened and a ROI will be achieved faster. You can start doing more with less and save money. For example:

  • Save 0.5 to more than 2.0 full-time employees when you automate your current manual efforts

  • Automate 80% of your time spent on analytics, data management, and reporting

  • Time savings in dollars would range from $19,700 to $79,000 (based on an average blended hourly rate of $19)

  • The BI platform would pay for itself within the first 3 months

As you can see, we did our homework, checked all the boxes, and the heavy lifting is done! All you have to do is contact us and we can help you start your business intelligence journey today!

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