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IT Staffing is a pile of resumes whereas Strategic Resourcing aims to ensure that organizations have the personnel to achieve the desired goals and objectives. Like Strategic Human Resource Management, Strategic Resourcing is a science of integrating business and employee resourcing strategies. 

strategic: helping to achieve a plan, for example in business or politics.

resourcing: the process of giving moneyworkersskills, etc. to a particular job or piece of work

(Cambridge Dictionary)


Why enkompas SR

Our mission is to ensure that an organization achieves competitive advantage by recruiting, selecting and hiring the most suitable candidates to produce the most significant contribution in the realization of desired goals and objectives. 


enkompas SR specializes in placing technical professionals within small, medium, and large Enterprise organizations on a contract, contract-to-hire, and permanent basis. 

We have a goal of delivering solutions not resumes to our clients, earning their confidence by gaining a complete understanding of what makes the company, the desired contribution and the candidate unique.  


Our 24-year history tells us that there is a difference between staffing and strategic resourcing.  Feel free to call us your IT Staffing Partner…we know the difference and you will as well.


Strategic Staffing Competencies

Cloud enablement


  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

    • Microsoft/Amazon/Google

  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) 

    • SharePoint/AWS/GoogleCloud







  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

    • 365/Google Workspace

  • Smart Technologies/IOT

  • Network Projects/Migrations

  • Virtualization​

Network enablement


  • Migration

  • Hardware Support

  • Security (Firewalls/Anti-Virus)​

Support enablement

  • Help Desk/Desktop Support

  • Server Support

  • End User Support

  • "AaaS - Adoption-as-a-Service"




Project Management



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Frequently asked questions



What are the offerings of enkompas SR?

  • Contract
  • Contract to hire with no fee at contract end (960 billable hours)
  • Direct Placement

What type of testing can enkompas SR provide?

We use a tool from Televation (SHL Employee Assessments) that we would be happy to share. When requested, these results can be shared with our candidate presentation.

What type of references are completed?

enkompas SR performs three professional references. One at the time of client submission and two additional once there is a client interview request.

Does enkompas SR hire 1099 or 3rd Party (Corp to Corp) consultants?

Our history has proven that our clients prefer W2 candidates and thus our resources consist of nearly 100% enkompas W2 employees. That said, we will work with non-W2 candidates on a limited basis at the request of our client.


What is the difference between W2 Hourly and W2 Salary?

A W2 hourly resource has agreed to an hourly rate for only those approved hours worked. This employee is not eligible for any paid time off, including holidays. A W2 salary resource has agreed to an annual salary, paid semi-monthly. This employee is paid the same base salary each pay period providing they have either worked the normal hours in the pay period or have applied some type of paid time off (for which they are eligible) to the shortfall in hours.

Is a contractor permitted to accept offers from our end clients?

Yes, though only with our knowledge, approval and within the constructs of the existing client agreement.

What obligation do you require from the candidate in regard to contract length?

Of course, enkompas SR requires commitment to the original/initial contract length. Extensions or cessation of the contract is always brought to the contractor’s attention and negotiated appropriately.

How are references handled and will you call my current employer?

enkompas SR will only contact references/employers provided by the candidate and follows strict guidelines on sharing any information

Can I get a copy of my background report?

Yes, however we are not permitted to send a copy. One must reach out to our background investigation partner to obtain a copy.

Can I get a copy of my technical evaluation?

No, this is proprietary information for enkompas SR. We will review the results if requested.

Will my resume be sent to anyone without my approval?

Your resume and or information will NEVER leave our office without your approval.

Are there general salary fringe benefits and healthcare?

After having satisfied eligibility requirements (if applicable), we offer W2 employees the opportunity to participate in the following: Medical Coverage (including prescription drug), Medical Reimbursement Plan, Dental Coverage, Vision Coverage, Life Insurance, Short-term and Long-term Disability Insurance, 401k Retirement Savings Plan with company match %, Paid Holidays, Paid Time Off

Web Consultation


enkompas is an Enterprise IT Solutions Provider dedicated to delivering all “enkompassing” strategic solutions to our clients. 


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